August 27, 2014 Mn Mnr

Ian Anderson (fRoots Magazine)


Hey, it’s my lawn sound track! Two of my most revelatory and memorable experiences from 1985 in the years BIWCWM (Before it was called ‘World Music’) were lawn-based: the extraordinary voice and multi-instrumental skills of Bagamoyo’s Hukwe Zawose on a sunny afternoon lawn in the park beside the Commonwealth Institute, and Zimbabwe’s mighty Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited tearing up the grass on a Wednesday night twixt-festivals at South Hill Park in Bracknell. The last time I saw Hukwe was on a lawn as well, on an open day at the Real World studios in rural Box. Real World have given a home to so many others of my favourite artists over the years too, more recently the likes of Bristol’s very own Spiro – witnessed not so long ago playing to the animatronic dinosaurs at dusk on the Lawn at Bristol Zoo. Oh, and I could even show you a snap of Ayub Ogada jamming on my very own bijou patch when I used to live in London. And so many other non-turf-related artists too. Just looking at the track list for this collection is quite boggling, and all in a mere 25 years. Fantastic job! Fantastic taste! Long may your grass grow!

Real World Records

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